Core Construction is a family started, owned and operated business. Bill Farkas is the owner and President. Bill has 20 years’ experience in the construction business. At Core Construction, we are focused on excellence in residential construction. Our number one priority is exceeding our client’s expectations through quality work and dependability. When working with Core Construction you are guaranteed professionalism, experience and partnership. We work closely with our homeowners to make sure we are striving towards the same goals. Core Construction LLC uses the highest quality building materials and the most up to date technology. We strive to be green and environmentally responsible whenever possible.

What motivates me every day?
I am humbled that my clients trust me with their homes and large amounts of money. Disappointing them would be unbearable. On the other side of the coin, it is quite satisfying to steer business to my suppliers, subcontractors and architects. I know that I’m not a huge part of anyone’s livelihood, yet I find that I get treated well by treating others well.

The scope on remodelers!
As remodeling contractors, we need to mark up our costs a lot more than we may think the market will bear. Unlike new home builders who offer a product, remodeling is the service of delivering a customized construction project, which is what frees us from competing on price. If we try to be price-competitive, we will drive ourselves out of business. It takes a leap of faith to ask more. Take the leap. There is no point in delivering a beautiful project to someone and losing money in the process.